Vape pens are the ones whose shape resembles, you guessed it, a pen (sorta). They’re generally thin, light and discreet, but they do vary a bit in size and shape. These are primarily designed for use with concentrates, or more specifically very clean wax and oil that fully melts to a liquid when heated. Vaporizer pens are great for light to medium users looking for quick, hassle-free draws at the touch of a button – any time, any place.

A great desktop vaporizer is a must for any serious enthusiast – these are the vapes that set the bar in terms of performance and vapor quality, and they’re usually quite efficient as well. Most good desktop units work with both loose leaf and concentrate material, and they’re generally a better choice than portables if multiple people will frequently be vaping together. These plug in to an outlet for power and they vary wildly in price – as low as $100 for a decent one and as high as $700+ for ultra premium models.


I try to take somewhat of a holistic approach when it comes to my ratings, specially because I try to stick to e-juice made in the USA, I don’t like buying any of the supplies outside the country. The overall scrore that I give each vaporizer is a representation of how I feel about it as a whole. To learn how I rate specific aspects of each vape you’ll have to watch my review, that’s how I getchya 😉 I recommend using my VapeRatings as a general guide to which models I feel are noteworthy and deserving of more consideration. Every aspect of ownership is considered in my ratings and reviews, and you can check out my VapeRatings page for a list of the questions I ask myself while I’m reviewing vapes.

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