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ARC Welding Machine, 200Amp Power, 80% Duty Cycle, IGBT AC-DC Dual Voltage (110/220V) Beginner Welder Use Welding Rod Equipment Tools Accessories

This is a high quality ARC welding machine, which is very convenient to use. This is also a good machine for beginner, which is capable to weld mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. It has a 80-percent duty cycle and comes with a great control mode.

When it comes to saving energy, it can be the best energy saver because it aptly reduces the damage of copper and iron and increases the welding frequency and saves energy.

ARC Welding Machine

The 80% duty cycle arc welding machine has a portable design but it is a powerful unit also. This is not an ordinary welding machine but it is a work of art because it is made in a design so that it can save energy efficiently. You can use this welding machine to weld all types of ferrous materials like carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel and various others. It also has a carrying handle so it is good for easy storage. This ARC welder is very convenient, which can be used anywhere you need.

Apart from the good performance and capabilities, this welding machine comes with the satisfaction assurance. It comes with 3 years of warranty and friendly customer service assurance. The unit has an advanced control mode because it has closed loop feedback control so the output voltage is very stable. It has very strong adaptability for the electricity network.


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