Welders and Plasma Cutters Reviews: Lotos CT520D vs PrimeWeld Ct520d Combos

Welders and Plasma Cutters Reviews: Lotos CT520D vs PrimeWeld Ct520d Combos

The main purpose of welders and plasma cutters reviews is to show you the best products based on reviews. The reviews are collected from different forums, blogs and shopping websites. These welders and plasma cutters reviews come from real uses who are using these products. Well, there are many top brands that make high grade welders and plasma cutters combos. Some top brands are Lotos Technology, PrimeWeld, Goplus, Zeny and many others.

Welders and Plasma Cutters Reviews – Lotos CT520D Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine, 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter, 200A TIG/ Stick Welder, Dual Voltage 220V/110V

Welders and Plasma Cutters Reviews - Lotos CT520D ComboLotos CT520D 3-in-1 combo comes on first position in plasma cutters and welders reviews. Lotos CT520D includes plasma cutter and TIG Stick welder based on welders and plasma cutters reviews. It has 50 AMP of air plasma cutter and 200 AMP of TIG/Stick welder. Lotos CT520D comes with dual voltage capability such as 220 or 110 volts. The plasma cutter comes with 1/2-inch of max cut thickness while the max severance thickness is 3/4-inch. This is a compact plasma cutter with an easy-grip handle for the maximum portability. Further, Lotos CT520D plasma cutter uses safe compressed air to cut aluminum, copper, mild steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

The TIG welder delivers 15 to 200 AMP welding current that is good for precise welding of thinner gauge materials. The welding machine is good for both hand torch and foot pedal welding controls. On the other hand, the Stick/MMA welder has 15 to 200 AMPs electric current output. The Stick welder comes with easy ARC start, deep weld pool and great welding shape. Further, to improve the ARC starting function, it delivers stable hot striking Arc current. The Stick/MMA welder is perfect to weld with many types of acid or basic electrode.

Further, it comes with dual voltage / dual frequency, i.e., 110/220 volts or 50/60 Hz. Since it has double voltage competence, so the Lotos CT520D machine can run directly on 220 volt or 110 volt power with the help of a pigtail. The pigtail is not included with this purchase, you need to buy it separately.

Amazingly, Lotos CT520D 3-in-1 combo comes with 30-day money back guarantee with one year of warranty. The package includes Lotos CT520D machine, cutting torch, welder torch, air filter, regulators and ground clamp. You can read more welders and plasma cutters reviews in various forums and blogs to find more information on the same. Read more…

PrimeWeld Ct520d 50 Amps Plasma Cutter, 200 Amps Tig Welder and 200 Amps Stick Welder Combo

PrimeWeld Ct520d  Plasma Cutter And WelderPrimeWeld Ct520d is a combo of plasma cutter, TIG and Stick welder. The plasma cutter delivers 50 AMPs of current while TIG/Stick welder delivers 200 AMPs welding current. It has 50/60 Hz of input power frequency and 85% of power efficiency. PrimeWeld Ct520d is perfect for a wide range of welding and cutting stuffs. The 50 AMPs plasma cutting function is ideal to cut up to 1/2-inch metals. Further, it comes with great switching capability from DC TIG to DC Stick welder.

Further, PrimeWeld Ct520d plasma cutter and welder combo carries a portable profile that weighs approx. 23 LBs. It has 60-percent of duty cycle at max AMPs. Please make sure that this PrimeWeld CT520D combo doesn’t come with pilot arc in the cut mode. However, this combo is perfect for most of the welding and cutting tasks based on plasma cutters and welders reviews in various forums. Read more…

Goplus CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP Welder Cutting Dual Voltage (Black)

Goplus cut 50 Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter Goplus CUT-50 plasma cutter has gotten good appreciations in plasma cutters and welders reviews in various forums. This top brand plasma cutter is a perfect tool for professional welders. GoPlus CUT-50 inverter plasma cutter is mainly used to cut alloy steel, stainless steel, copper and other metals. This 50 AMPs plasma cutter uses the most advanced invert technology. It comes with great function that can supply gas ahead and turn off gas delayed.

When it comes to stable performance, reliability and lightweight profile, this GoPlus 50 AMPs plasma cutter comes first. It is also a great energy saver, delivers high cutting speed. When it comes to smooth cutting of various metals, this GoPlus plasma cutter can be the best tool for such requirements. Read more…

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