Wire Feed Welders, MIG/STICK/DC TIG

Wire Feed Welders, MIG/STICK/DC TIG

Wire Feed WeldersWire Feed Welders can work with MIG/Stick/DC TIG and capable with MVP. It supports 120V or 230V input voltage. It has duty cycle of MIG 20-percent, Stick/TIG 30-percent. This is a multi-purpose welder that is made in Multimatic 200 series.

It is a single phase welder that supports 120V or 230V and rated output is MIG 150A at 21.5V at 20-percent, Stick 150A at 26V at 30-percent, TIG 150A at 16V at 30-percent.

It delivers excellent Arc characteristics even on CO2. Wire Feed Welders comes with 10 feet Bernard Q150 MIG gun, 13 feet stick stinger, 10 feet work cable with clamp. Read more…


  • Welding & Soldering Equipment & Supplies
  • Commercial Brand: Miller Electric
  • Made In America



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