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AC Welder

An AC welder uses the AC polarity while it is working. The AC welder uses the AC electricity that switches the direction back and forth so that the voltage may periodically reverse. The AC welder does deliver perfect weld for it allows better penetration and also will have many applications in the field. When using the AC polarity, the arc tends to go out and then it will re-establish itself.

The AC welder will, therefore, use electrodes that have specific elements in their coating which ensures that the arc is kept at ignition. The AC welder will use a welding power supply that creates an electric arc between the metal stick and the base material to melt the metals at the point where they fuse.

Notably, the AC welders will use both the consumable and non- consumable electrodes for welding! The AC welders do is often uses as a second option since the DC welders are considered to be the best and most convenient all the time! An ac welder will need a transformer that will only alter the high voltage to a low voltage while the DC may need an inverter that will convert the AC to a DC!

AC welder is just another perfect option that you can consider for welding!


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