Lotos Welders – 3 in 1 TIG/Stick Welders & Plasma Cutters

Lotos Welders – 3 in 1 TIG/Stick Welders & Plasma Cutters

Lotos has established its own mark on the welder market though it doesn’t have too many varieties. Also, all the Lotos welders look heavy from outside; and they are actually strong from the inside too. In this review, I have selected best 5 Lotos welders and plasma cutters, which are leading on the market for many factors such as price, performance, instant setup, advanced features and many others.

At a Glance

Image Product Features Rating
Lotos TIG200ACDC
Lotos TIG200A AC/DC TIG Welder
  • HF start & foot pedal control
  • Square-wave inverter technology
  • TIG/stick welding capability
  • Dual-voltage
Lotos welder & plasma cutter 3 in 1
LOTOS LTPDC2000D 3 in 1 Combo
  • 15-200A DC TIG output
  • Stick/MMA welding processes
  • Quick setup capability
  • Non-touch plasma cutter
Lotos 175A MIG welder
Lotos MIG175 welder
  • Durable aluminum wire feeder
  • 175Amp rated output
  • Multi-use capability
  • Spool gun included
Lotos CT520D plasma cutter
Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter
  • 50-amp plasma cutter
  • 15-200-amp TIG current
  • Quick setup
  • 30-day refund, 1-year warranty
Lotos LTP5000D
Lotos LTP5000D dual-voltage plasma cutter
  • Pilot arc plasma cutter
  • 10-50A DC output
  • Half-inch cutting capability
  • Pre-installed NPT type D plug

Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder

Lotos TIG200ACDC - lotos welders

To start with, I have selected the Lotos TIG200 welder because it is based on the square wave inverter technology. To weld aluminum with accuracy, the square-wave technology is very powerful. In case, you want to weld aluminum, you can explore the Lotos TIG200 aluminum welder, which works as both, AC and DC welder.

For improved accuracy, it features an HF start control and a foot pedal control. With the addition of these advanced features, the Lotos welder is capable to weld varied materials with the highest level of accuracy. In fact, it not only welds aluminum, but also welds stainless steel, mild steel and numerous other metals.

Moreover, it is good for Stick/MMA welding process because the welder delivers a DC output current ranging from 15-amp to 200-amp. Of course, you receive a stable arc, which is good for précised welding. Because, it delivers stable arc, it is very suitable to work with varied electrodes.

Input Power, Cooling System and Included Components

The Lotos welder works with dual-voltage input power, which is good to handle welding projects from light to heavy. Well, it not only comes with a dual-voltage capability, but also come with a PAPST advanced cooling system. For stability and durability, the advanced cooling system is very useful.

For the welding convenience, the package consists of all the required components. You will get a host of components such as MMA clamp, TIG torch, foot pedal, gas regulator, electrodes and a user manual.


  • Nice aluminum welding capability
  • Appropriate price
  • Strong and smooth arc
  • Dual-voltage
  • AC/DC welding current


  • It is hard to buy a part from local store.
  • Not good for welding steel

To sum up, the Lotos dual-voltage welder delivers good performance for welding aluminum. However, some users are not happy with its steel welding capability. In case, you are looking to buy an AC/DC welder at a low price, you can buy this Lotos welder as well. Read more…

LOTOS LTPDC2000D 3 in 1 Combo – Non-Touch Pilot Arc 50A Plasma Cutter & 200A Tig / Stick Welder

LOTOS LTPDC2000D 3 in 1 welder and plasma cutter

For both welding and plasma cutting, you can check Lotos LTPDC2000D. The 3-in-1 combo is perfect for operations such as plasma cutting, stick welding and TIG welding. Keeping wider application in mind, the Lotos welder & plasma cutter uses dual voltage input power. With the dual-voltage capability, you can use this machine at varied places depending on the requirements.

Cutting & Welding Capability

To cut metals, you can use the plasma-cutting feature, which is good to cut materials with 1/2-inch thickness very cleanly. According to the specifications, the plasma cutter has 1/2-inch maximum cutting capability and 3/4-inch max severance thickness capability.

Output Current

For TIG/Stick process, the unit delivers 10-150A DC current @ 110V. On the other hand, it delivers 10-200A current at 220V input power.

Multi-purpose (TIG/Stick Welder & Plasma Cutter)

As mentioned above, Lotos TPDC2000D is a 3-in-1 combo unit, which facilitates TIG/Stick and plasma cutting. In details, you get 50A plasma cutter (Pilot Arc), 200A TIG welder and 200A Stick welder.

IGBT/MOSFET Technology

The Lotos welder and plasma cutter is based on the newest IGBT inverter technology (high frequency), which makes it very powerful. Consequently, it is capable to deliver a regular and accurate current for the welding and plasma cutting.


  • Beginner friendly
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Up to 1/2-inch cutting capability
  • Dual voltage
  • 3-in-1 combo


  • Short lead
  • Compressor not included

Considering the pros and cons, Lotos LTPDC2000D Welder & Plasma Cutter can be a good buy on the current price. The welder not only comes at a competitive price, but also gives you the versatility to use TIG/Stick welding processes and the plasma-cutting feature. Amazingly, the IGBT inverter welder is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Read more…

LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder

Lotos welders - MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder

For aluminum welding, Lotos MIG175 MIG welder can be the best unit because it is based on a transfer technology. To weld with accuracy, a transformer technology is very suitable and it has increased demand on the market. Additionally, this is a versatile MIG welder, which is very good to weld aluminum with the provided spool gun.

For an instant setup, the welder comes with all the required tools so you will not get any difficulties. You can easily connect the machine with your existing 220V wall outlet. Impressively, Lotos MIG175 can accept 4-inch or 6-inch wire spools, which are available on the market. Besides easy wire spool handling, the unit is capable to provide an overload protection, which can also be reset as per your preference. Because, it has a great over-load protection feature, the operating life increases without any doubts.


  • 200-240V, 50-60Hz operation
  • Welding materials: stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum
  • Flux-core and aluminum gas shielded welding functions up to 175A output current


  • Good price
  • Easy set-up
  • Beginner friendly
  • Included accessories
  • Nice weld quality


  • Packaging is not good.
  • Shipped damaged parts as per a customer
  • It accepts only 240V input power.

To sum up, LOTOS MIG175 MIG welder is good for the MIG welding process. To weld aluminum, you can buy this welding machine because many happy customers shared their positives for welding aluminum. However, it not only welds aluminum, but also welds mild steel and stainless steel for to meet your varied welding needs. From the price side, this is a good welder to buy because it comes at a pretty low-price. Undoubtedly, Lotos welders and other Lotos products are made with exceptional quality. Their customer support team is also fast and responsive to solve customer’s queries. Read more…

Lotos CT520D 3 in 1 Combo – 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter, 200 AMP Tig and Stick/MMA/ARC Welder

Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter

Lotos has many combo units. One of them is Lotos CT520D 3-in-1 combo that includes plasma cutter, TIG/Stick welder. In case, you are looking to buy a capable 3-in-1 combo, please read more about the Lotos CT520D air plasma cutter and welder.

For plasma cutting, the unit delivers 50AMP output power, which is good to cut 1/2-inch thickness. Moreover, it is good for a portable use because it comes with an integrated handle that assists in moving from one place to others. For the utmost safety, it blows harmless compressed air, which can aptly cut various materials. According to the product specifications, the 3-in-1 combo plasma cutter can cut metals like copper, stainless steel, mild steel, alloy, aluminum and many others.

TIG Welding

Lotos 3-in-1 combo has a TIG welding function, which delivers 15-200AMP DC output current. Of course, you get nice welding performance from the impressive DC current output. For the TIG welding, it welds nicely on stainless steel with high accuracy. To get précised weld on thin materials, the unit requires a hand torch control and a foot pedal control. Please make sure that the foot pedal is not included so you have to buy it separately.

Stick Welding

For stick welding, the Lotos CT520D welder delivers 15-200-amp DC current. With the high output power, you will have great flexibility to weld nicely and precisely. Because, the welding machine is capable to deliver an easy & stable arc, you will be able to receive a nice welding shape. Additionally, the output current can greatly be adjusted because it has a good capability to adjust the arc. For this, it features an Adjustable Hot Striking feature that delivers improved arc starting.

Instant Set-up

To relive from the setup complication, Lotos CT520D comes installed with a type D plug and an air filter regulator. With the help of these pre-installed components, establishing a connection with the air compressor becomes very easy. Consequently, it will not take more than a minute to setup the machine.


  • 1/2-inch plasma cutting capability
  • 3-in-1 combo for TIG, stick and plasma cutting
  • Up to 200-amp output for TIG/Stick welding
  • Low-price
  • Good customer service
  • Dual-voltage capability


  • Short ground cable
  • Pedal not included
  • 120V plug not included

In short, the Lotos welder can be a good 3-in-1 combo unit for TIG/Stick and plasma cutting requirements. It has all the capabilities such as dual-voltage input power, welding on 0.5-inch thick metal, affordable price and the instant setup capabilities. Because, it delivers 200A output power, it is good for welding on larger projects with precision. Read more…

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp

From the recommendation side, Lotos LTP5000D is the best buy plasma cutter. Because, the dual-voltage unit has received impressive recommendations from its existing users, it becomes a buyable product without any doubts. The pilot-arc plasma cutter can survive in any cutting environment. Whether you have to cut through painted or rusty surfaces, you will get impressed with the performance it delivers.

As mentioned above, the Lotos plasma cutter uses the advanced pilot arc technology, which can cut without a touch. Also, the dual voltage plasma cutter is good for quality, flexibility and the durability.

Safe & Portable

To give you the utmost safety and portability, the 50Amp non-touch plasma cutter features a handle, which facilitates great convenience for the portable use. Additionally, it goes through hazardless compressed air to cut various materials. Whether you have to cut stainless steel or copper, you will not get any issues for cutting such materials.

Half-inch Clean Cut Capacity

For the improved performance, Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter gives 10-50A DC output, which is good to cut a half-inch metal very cleanly. Since it is a dual voltage machine, you have the flexibility to cut materials on the required input power. Of course, for thinner metals, you may have to operate in the 110V mode. In case, you have to cut thicker metals, you can operate it on 220V input power.

Instant Setup

As per product description, you can set it up within one minute. Which means it comes with the capabilities that remove the entire headache for the setup complications. For a quick setup, Lotos 50Amp plasma cutter features a pre-installed NPT plug and an air filter regulator, which facilitate for a quick connection with the air compressor.


  • Good cutting performance
  • MOSFET/IGBT technology
  • High power output
  • Dual voltage
  • Good price
  • Portable design


  • It eats consumables fast.
  • Air compressor not included
  • Weak ground wire

Based on the pros and cons, Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter is a high capacity machine, which can be used for the most metal cutting tasks. You can easily cut up to half-inch thick metals using this 50-amp plasma cutter. Most of the advantages listed above are directly related to its capability so this plasma cutter is not ignorable. However, there are some cons also, which can be ignored or customized depending on the needs. Read more…


In short, the above-mentioned machines are selected based on their performance, affordable price and the user friendliness. You can read about each machine to get detailed information. You can read reviews on the welding machines and plasma cutters such as Lotos TIG200ACDC, Lotos LTPDC2000D 3 in 1 Combo, Lotos MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder, Lotos CT520D 3 in 1 Combo and Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter. For your convenience, each unit is listed with pros and cons so you can quickly get an overview based on the pros and cons only.


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