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Eastwood Welders – Dual Voltage MIG TIG Arc/Stick Welding Machines

Eastwood TIG 200

Before you by any welder, it is always imperative to answer a few questions! Is it a reputable brand? What processes will it excel in? How about the cost? Can it be the best option for professionals and beginners? All this will lead to an excellent welder that will deliver a high performance.

Eastwood welders will work with the aluminum metals that have a moderate gauging from 14 gauge! The included spool gun is an excellent performance feature in the Eastwood welders. It will weld mild and stainless steel metals hence making it exist among the excellent choice welders for the professionals!

Eastwood TIG 200

Eastwood is a reputable welding company that never disappoints when it comes to manufacturing quality welders. The welders will ship with a regulator a horse so that you enjoy the optimum welding. The process that it can support can include flux core welding, TIG welding, and many other methods.

Eastwood welder s will operate at a low power voltage though the majority will work at 220 volts power source. The amperage range is between 30 to 175 amperes! Eastwood welders are amazing, and you need to try one.

Durability, versatility, and also convenience in performance are the driving reasons that put this welder at the forefront! It’s an excellent choice welder that is now receiving overwhelming quality reviews in most of the best-selling platforms such as Amazon! We love this smart choice welder, for it is affordable and will never disappoint the users! You can give it a try.

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