Hitbox Welders – MIG250 MIG TIG ARC Portable Inverter Welding Machines

Hitbox Welders – MIG250 MIG TIG ARC Portable Inverter Welding Machines

Hitbox welders are the smart welders that have amazingly easy to control features. The easy to control panel will ensure that you get the excellent welds. The group of the Hitbox MIG 120 welder is simple hence making it easy to operate. It has the adjustable wire feed speed and the perfect power settings so that you can adjust it to the application that will fit your welds. The arc from this welder is smooth hence bringing decent welds.

HITBOX New Arrival Mig Welder

Hitbox welders accord a 40% duty cycle that is longer lasting. Its rated duty cycle is 40% at 120 amperages. This application will ensure that you are protected against any dangers! The welder will also be kept in a safer condition. There will be no issues with the breakdown or early power-downs of the welder.

The overload safety feature of the Hitbox is also well defined. It comes with a safety feature where the welder is automatically turned off when where there is overheating, when current or the voltage exceeds the requirement, the machine will automatically turn off to protect against damage.

Hitbox welders are also lightweight hence making it super portable.  It accords a convenience when it comes to using, therefore, making it a practical welder for jobs that are done outside the house.

It’s an appealing welder brand that receives impressive reviews from the best-selling platforms such as amazon. You need this great appliance that delivers the convenience for every welder!

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