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Welding Machines & Accessories category has a wide selection of top welding machines and their tools such as welding helmets, rods, clamps, wires, gloves, carts, torch and many other accessories with true reviews, ratings and pricing guidelines. You can read reviews on top brands welding machines such as MIG/TIG/Arc/Stick welders from Miller, Lincoln, Pit Bull, Hobart and other popular brands.

  • What kind of Welder should I Buy for Beginners?

    So you have finally decided to buy your first welder to start on the DIY projects you have been planning all year. However, you cannot figure out which is the best welding machine to start you off. Well, you shouldn’t worry too much about it as we have got you covered.

    That said, what kind of welder should you buy as a beginner?

    Welders  for BeginnersHow will you be using the welder?

    One welder is not like the other one, and so is their function. Consider how you’re going to use the machine, and purchase the right welder based on that. Is it metal equipment repair works or fabrication of motor vehicles? Which hobby do you have in mind?

    But you will also need to think about the budget you can comfortably work with. Beginner welding machines are not too expensive.

    Stick Welding

    Stick welding is an obvious choice for most beginners, given the simplicity in design and use. It is also among the most popular and budget-friendly. The bond between metals is relatively strong and quite stable. And unlike some of the other welding processes, the stick welding can work its way around rust and dust.

    However, you need to be careful with arc welding as it produces a lot of sparks. Make sure to have the necessary protective clothing.

    The Hobart Stickmate LX welder stands out as one of the most beginner-friendly stick welders. 160 DC and 235 amp AC output goes to indicate its efficiency in welding pieces of metal. The easy-start feature is as functional as it can get. However, you may need to restrict yourself too thin sheets of metal as the machine is not very powerful. But we all start somewhere, and the stick welder is a decent unit, to begin with.

    MIG welding machines

    MIG welding is one of the most user-friendly, and therefore easy to learn. The machines are a favorite for many beginners, and there is a good reason for it.

    Typically, the machines produce quite strong joints, are aesthetically appealing, and clean to use. But unlike the stick welding, MIG doesn’t do well in rusty and dusty metal. You may also need to be in a shelter away from the wind and other elements of weather.

    A good example is the 120/ 240 volts AC Miller electric welder. The unit is quite efficient with 24 gauge to 3/8’’ steel. The welder has a dependable wire feed.

    TIG welding

    TIG welding machines are other clean and aesthetically appealing devices that beginners can use. It has a high level of accuracy and does not require cleaning after. Unfortunately, the melting process is quite slow. It will also take some time to master welding machine.

    Furthermore, you may require to do several tries before you can hack it, and that translates to a significant amount of time.

    AHP AlphaTIG is the kind of machine we are talking about here. The TIG welder is especially perfect for mild steel and aluminum. It allows for the right level of experimentation, and you can learn the ropes sooner than later.


  • Lincoln MIG Welder: Power MIG 210 & 140C Multi-Process Welders

    If you are looking for performance oriented Lincoln MIG welders then reading this page will be surely be helpful. We can’t doubt the popularity of Lincoln Electric, it is the most popular brand that produces the welding machines that deliver impressive performance. Consequently, Lincoln Electric has earned good ratings on many popular shopping portals because it has got the specialization that other welder brands don’t have.

    Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder Aluminum One-Pak – K4195-1

    Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder  K4195-1

    Lincoln Electric K4195 MIG welder comes first when we talk of Lincoln MIG welder. This is a multi-process welder with impressive capabilities. It is also a lightweight and portable unit weighing just forty LBs. The Lincoln MIG welder supports dual voltage inputs such as 120-volt and 230-volt letting you plug into any standard power supply.
    Apart from the above features and capabilities, it comes with advanced controls that are very helpful for the easy set up. Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder has a huge color display screen that is good for each setup. You can easy access its advanced settings without any problems. It also includes a 100SG Spool Gun.
    Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 is for multiple processes, which is well suited for small contractor, welding shops, hobbyist and educator. This MIG welder can also handle stick, TIG and Flux-core welding. It uses a strong sheet-metal construction that makes it rugged and ready for any job in the home or small welding shop. It is the perfect welder for learners giving lots of scope to grow as you gain experience. Read more…

    Lincoln Electric MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC

    Handheld MIG Welder

    Lincoln Electric MIG Welder is also a powerful 120-volt AC handheld welder. It comes with very easy setup requirements. You can easily set up for gas-free flux core welding or gas-shielded MIG welding that handles many metals such as steel, stainless and aluminum. And, you don’t have to worry of the speed control because it comes with 50-IPM to 500-IPM wire feed speed control that is really a good capacity.
    The handheld 120V welder from Lincoln Electric has impressive drive system that comes with good adjustment capability. This capability of the Lincoln MIG welder minimizes wire tangle and crushing also.
    Amazingly, the Lincoln Electric welder comes with a cast-aluminum body with rigid drive aids wire alignment. And it has brass-to-brass gun connection for the enhanced conductivity. The welding machine comes with both flux-core and solid wire. The Lincoln MIG 140 welder comes two spools of wire to get you started. Read more…

    Lincoln MIG Welder : Power 140C 120V MIG Welder 140A

    Power 140C 120V MIG Welder 140A

    Lincoln Electric Power 140C 120V MIG Welder 140A has earned good ratings from its users. So this Lincoln MIG welder is recommendable here. This welding machine comes with three years of warranty, and it has wide 30 to 140 AMP welding output range that is really very impressive.
    Power 140C has impressive MIG welding capacity from 24 gauge to 10 gauge. It welds up to 5/16 inches steel using self-shielded Lincoln Inner-shield wires.
    The Lincoln MIG welder performs outstanding results without any doubts. It delivers impressive aluminum and stainless performance apart from handling mild steel. The maximum voltage supported is 120V and the output amperage is 140. The input amperage is 20 Amps. It also comes with contact tips for all your convenience.
    You may have used Power 140 but the Power 140C is a commercial grade welder. The C stands for commercial. Lincoln Electric 140C gives more performance than Power 140 when we talk of the heavy duty capability of this unit. So the welder is good for the heavy duty application. Read more…

  • Miller MIG Welder: Millermatic 211, Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder

    The following four Miller MIG welders are very popular for the performance they delivered in the past. You can read reviews on all these four welders on Amazon as well. The welding machines have received impressive ratings on many shopping websites, and so they are recommendable as well. Please check these four Miller MIG welders:

    Millermatic 211 MIG Welder With Advanced Auto-Set And Cart 951603

    Millermatic 211 MIG Welder

    Miller is a popular brand name that makes only performance oriented welders. If you are looking for buying a Miller MIG welder, you can check Millermatic 211 MIG Welder that comes with impressive auto-set feature and a cart. This MIG welder from Miller is available at Amazon.com to buy at a discounted price.
    The Miller MIG welder has multi-voltage capability to fulfill your versatile welding needs. It is a 230 AMP portable MIG welder that can be operated on both 120V and 240V input power.
    Amazingly, this Millermatic mig welder weighs approx. 40-percent less than most MIG welders in its category. Millermatic 211 carries an impressive inverter design so it requires less electricity and delivers higher arc. The weight of this Miller MIG welder is just 38 pounds, and it delivers impressive MIG welding works without any doubts. It can weld up to 3/8” thick mild steel.
    On the other hand, the advanced Auto-Set feature is very capable to get rid of the most guess-work of voltage settings as well as wire-freed speed for your most MIG welding applications. You just need to choose the material thickness and wire diameter and you can easy weld because it comes with Auto-Set mode. Since Millermatic 211 comes with an advanced auto-set control that creates an automatic settings for your welder. Read more…

    Miller 951674 Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder with TIG Kit

    Miller 951674 MIG Welder

    Miller 951674 is also a powerful Miller MIG welder that comes with a simple functionality, and it is a multi-purpose welding machine for TIG, MIG and Stick. It can weld up to 3/8-inch mild steel and it runs on 120V or 240V input power.
    The Auto-Set Elite feature of this Miller 951674 is capable to handle various materials and processes. It is very easy to set-up and run because it has the great capability to fine-tune your welding settings.
    Further, Miller 951674 Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder features multi-voltage plug that accepts the common 120-volt or 240-volt power inputs without requiring any extra accessories. You just need to select the plug that matches the receptacle and connect to the power cord.
    Also, Miller 951674 Multi-process Welder is an inverter technology welding machine that has advanced arc characteristics. This is a portable unit that weighs approx. 38 pounds. On the other hand, the arc is advanced enough for the variations in arc length and travel speeds. Read more…

    Welder, MIG/Flux Core, 120V, 90A @ 18.5VDC

    MIG Flux Core Welder

    The MIG/Flux Core welder is another good welding machine in the Millermatic series. The Miller MIG or Flux Core welder requires 120V input power and it welds various materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc. The 90A @ 18.5VDC welder accepts material thickness such as 24 ga to 3/16-inch. (mild steel) and material thickness aluminum: 14 to 18 ga.
    The Miller MIG welder comes with impressive auto-set capability. It has a great control that provides proper settings to the unit. On the other hand, it also comes with manual mode giving you more flexibility to manually set the machine when welding.
    Moreover, MIG/Flux Core 120V Welder comes with fast-select drive roll that makes set-up very easy by offering three grooves. The model number of this Miller welder is 907612, please don’t forget the model number if you want to purchase this item from Amazon or other popular market places. Read more…

    Wire Feed Welders, MIG/STICK/DC TIG

    MIG Flux Core Welder

    When it comes to powerful Miller MIG Welder then this Miller Electric wire feed welder can surely fulfill the expectations. Not only does it perform MIG welding, but also it performs stick and DC TIG. Like most Miller welders require 120V/230V input power, this wire feed welder can also run on the same input voltage.
    When it comes with the duty cycle then it has 20% MIG or 30% Stick/TIG. If this welding machine from Miller Electric looks promising to you then please don’t forget its part number that is 907518. Part no. or Model No. both are same, i.e., 907518.
    This multi-process welder falls under Multimatic 200 series. It is a single phase welder that requires 120V or 230V electricity. It also features Miller MVP, auto-set Elite and has impressive arc properties.
    With the purchase of Wire Feed Welders, you also get 10 feet Bernard Q150 MIG gun, 13 feet Stick stinger, 10 feet work cable with clamp, Smith regulator/flowgauge with 12 feet gas hose and material thickness gauge.
    The above four Miller MIG welders are the top units that can be considered for the best performance. For warranty, support or discount related things, please directly contact with the Amazon seller or the manufacturer. Read more…

  • Best MIG Welder Review – Forney 29901, Lincoln Electric K2185-1, Lotos MIG140

    When it comes to the best MIG welder review then Forney, Lincoln Electric and Lotos welders come first. These brands make high quality welding machines that are durable, and deliver the best performance. If you want to buy a welding machine for the smooth welding works, you must check with the above brands.

    Best MIG welder review – Forney 29901 125 FC MIG Welder Start-Up Kit

    Best MIG Welder Review - Forney 29901Forney 29901 MIG welder is perfect for DIY, because it has all the things that you need to get started. Of course, this welding machine is ideal for maintenance and repair works, and perfect for welding hobbyists. Further, it delivers 20-percent of duty cycle at the rated output. No problems if you need to use heavy metals, it delivers good results handling heavy metals as well. According to many Forney 29901 welder reviews, it is a great flux core wire feed welder and it will not overheat like the harbor freight welders.

    When you compare all the features and the specification of this welding machine with others in the same price range, you will find that it is not an expensive welder. It is really a low priced welder that comes with all the required features. Of course, it delivers smooth welding results to handle a wide range of welding related tasks. Read more…

    Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

    Lincoln Electric K2185-1 welderLincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder carries a compact and portable profile. So this lightweight welding machine is good for portable uses. You can easily move it from one job-site to another. You can easily plug it into a 115 volt, 20 AMP outlet that can easily be found at most of the places. Further, it has continuous wire feed speed adjustment that allow you to weld 24 gauge to 1/8-inch thick mild steel.

    It comes with all the accessories that you practically need to get started. The box contains gas nozzle, gas regulator, hose, spool of solid wire, contract tips, gun and cable assembly, work cable and clamp, hand shield with filter plate and lens.

    This Lincoln Electric MIG welding machine weighs 49 pounds and measures 18 x 11 x 17 inches. With this weight and dimensions, it can be a super portable welder to provide great welding convenience. It requires corded-electric as power source, and it comes with one year of warranty on materials and workmanship. Read more…

    Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder and Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding with 2T/4T Switch, 110V, Red

    Lotos MIG140 140 Amp welder
    Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder and Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding with 2T/4T Switch, 110V, Red
    Lotos MIG140 is also a good flux core welder that should be included in the best MIG welder review. It comes with impressive features that will surely help in smooth welding works. It delivers 140 AMPs welding output that is really impressive to weld stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metal materials. When it comes to welding capacity, Lotos MIG140 handles 18 gauge – 3/16-inch stainless steel, 18 gauge -3/16 mild steel and 1/8-inch aluminum.

    This MIG wire/flux core welder is reliable and durable without any doubts. It uses the transformer technology, which is proven to be safe and durable. Lotos MIG140 can easily be plugged into your existing 110V wall outlet. Further, it doesn’t require much time in set-up, within 10 minutes you will be able to set-up this machine. Further, it comes with an advanced ground cable connector to make convenient switch between minus and plus. Well, before you buy a MIG welder, please read best MIG welder review on various places to find what real users are saying about the same. Read more…

  • Best Welding Machine Review: Hobart 500536001 IronMan, Tweco W1003141, Pitbull Arc Welder

    Best Welding Machine Review is based on top 3 welding machines such as Hobart 500536001 IronMan, Pitbull Arc welder and Tweco W1003141 Fabricator welding machines. These welders have gotten higher ratings and reviews by the users in various forums, and on many shopping websites.

    Best Welding Machine Review – Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 W/DP-3545-20 Spool Gun

    Best Welding Machine Review - Hobart 500536001 Hobart 500536001 IronMan MIG welder delivers up to 250 AMPs of welding current. It has great capability to deliver approx. 700 IPM wire feed speed as it carries aluminum wire drive system. Also, it comes with fast-change dual-drive rolls for .025, .030, .035, .045 inch wires. Hobart 500536001 welding machine can weld 24-gauge to 1/2-inch steel in one phase. Further, it accepts 230V AC input, and has 50 AMP breaker.

    This Hobart welder comes with a spool hub with tool-less tension knob and automatic wire alignment that make changing wire spools very easy. And, the accessories included 15 feet 200 AMP MIG gun, MIG regulator, gas hose, power cord, dual side mounted cable hangers and welding setup chart. If you have hydraulic machines and equipment that needs repair or maintenance.

    This Hobart IronMan welder is perfect for aluminum welding projects. Since, it uses spool-gun so it eliminates feeding problems associated with soft aluminum wire. So it is perfect for aluminum fabrication, trailer fabrication and marine repairs. Also, it comes with built-in thermal overload protection capability to protect the unit. And, it features hinged door for easy access to wire drive system for spool and drive roll changes. Read more…

    Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder – 110V

    Pitbull Ultra-Portable welderPitbull 100-Amp Arc Welder requires 110 volts input power from any common power outlet. It comes with the amperage control of 45 to 100 AMPs, which is good welding current to handle a wide range of metals. Consequently, it can easily weld up to 1/4-inch mild steel. And, it comes with up to 100-percent duty cycle. This Pitbull arc welder is perfect for home and maintenance projects.

    Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder weighs 28 pounds that make it portable, compact and easy to handle. Based on best welding machine review, if you are a learner, this welding machine can be perfect for you. Also, if you are looking for a hobby welder then you can use this Pitbull welding machine that doesn’t cost much, and it is good for learners as well. Of course, this is a well-made welding machine that can be considered like a contractor grade welder as well. Read more…

    Tweco W1003141 Fabricator with 141I 3-in-1 MIG/Stick/TIG Welding System

    Tweco W1003141 welderTweco W1003141 Fabricator comes with MIG, TIG and Stick welding capabilities. This Tweco welder delivers up to 140 AMPs of welding power, which is impressive welding current to handle various metals. Consequently, Tweco W1003141 is perfect for many applications including automotive repair, farm, sheet metal, light fabrication and many on-site jobs. It is also a good welding machine for DIY usage and portable welding applications.

    Tweco W1003141 welding system should come under the best welding machine review, because it comes with impressive features. The important features include digital meters, comprehensive setup chart, and remote receptacle and trigger control. This Tweco welding machine weighs 45 pounds and measures 24.5 x 15.9 x 20.6 inches. Read more…

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