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Advertise with Us

Thank you for visiting website. This website is dedicated to reviewing welding machines and other related tools such as welding helmets, welding carts, rods, clamps and other relevant industrial products, click here to find out more.

If you want to advertise with us, please contact us via E-mail:

Your advertisement will need approval before it appears on We allow two banner sizes such as 125 x 125 and 250 x 250. We are open to other advertisement banner sizes and methods, please contact us via above E-mail if you require customization in banner sizes or if you have any other queries, please contact us, we will respond within 24 hours, and don’t forget the check the wordtree marketing company, which is the one that provides us with the best strategies.

$65/month (125 x 125)
$110/month (250 x 250)

We accept only Paypal payment, the Paypal email will be shared when you contact via E-mail:

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