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Electric Wire Stripper

Electric Wire Stripper

A wire stripper is a handheld device that will be used in stripping the electrical insulation from the electric wires. An electrical wire stripper is an essential tool for all the practitioners doing wiring! It’s what every electrician must possess. The benefits and convenience that it accords make it an excellent requirement for all the dealers in electric appliances.

Electric Wire Stripper

One of such electric wire strippers is the Yescom electrical wire stripping machine. It is an excellent device that will remove the plastic and rubber insulation from the scrap wires that are still very strong. It works well with to strip the cables that range from 0.12 inches to 1-inch cables. The electric wire stripper will have specific features, including the feed holes. Yescom electric wire stripper, for instance, has three different sized feed holes for inserting the cables that will need to be stripped.

An electric wire stripper uses an electrical power source to work. Most of them will work at 110 volts power source though the majority will use 220 volts power supply. The single-phase inductor motor that the Yescom electric wire stripper utilizes will deliver a stripping speed of approximately 50 feet per minute. The electrical wire stripper must possess the specific features that will enhance a smooth operation!

Being a handheld machine, it should be lightweight so that you get the utmost portability advantage! It should also be made using ergonomic design, especially on the part of the handles. The handles must accord comfort so that it sustains the operator to work for long hours. The operational features must also be easy to operate so that it serves the beginners and the experts.

Many electric wire strippers are available at the best-selling platforms like an amazon at the most affordable prices! Make your order now, and it will be delivered at your doorstep!


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