Wire Stripping Tool

Wire Stripping Tool

A wire stripping tool is often known as the wire stripper. It is a portable handheld tool that is commonly used by workers, especially the electricians, to remove the protective coating of an electric wire to replace or even repair the worn-out cables. The wire stripping tool will also be used to strip the end portions of electrical wiring so that they can be connected to other wires or terminals. Every professional electrician must possess one of the wire stripping tools. This tool is not limited to electricians alone but can still be used by other professionals who are handling the same ask as that one of electricians!

Wire Stripping Tool

Wire stripping tools are often categorized into two types. You will find the manual and the automatic wire strippers in the market. Every class has its benefits! Manual wire stripper, for instance, is considered to be the most versatile tool for the electrician. The user operates the manual wire stripper by manually rotating it as you apply pressure around the insulated handle so that it cuts or even adjust wires.

The automatic wire stripper, one side of the wire stripping tool, is tightly held, and the other hand is simultaneously used to cut and removed the other end. The automatic wire stripper is a better choice that can deliver the work faster than the rest. The only shortcoming is that it has a specific range where it can work with. For a large wire, it can easily break it.

In summary, the wire stripping tools are available in various shapes and sizes. The material that makes them is often high-quality steel. You will find specific features such as the serrated teeth, the straight or curved handles, and the wire cutters! They are the basic requirements for professional electricians!


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