Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140

If you aim to buy a portable and affordable welder, please check Forney Easy Weld 261. This is a feature-rich and performance-oriented welding machine, which gives you the greatest portability. Because it weighs just 19 LBs so I can say a lightweight welding machine that is capable for difficult welding situations.

Since it is a lightweight welder, so you can easily carry it. Whether you want to use it for DIY, repair, maintenance, metal fabrication and hobbyist project, this can be the perfect welding machine for you.

On the other hand, Forney Easy Weld 261 is a solid welder because it has all metal case so you can easily use it for day-to-day welding tasks. And it is big enough to handle from two to ten pound rolls of wire.

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder is an easy-to-use MIG welder that accepts 0.30 flux core wire. It features infinite voltage and wire-feed speed control to give you the best welding experience. This Forney welder can be the best tool for entry level welders also.

Amazingly, the Forney easy-weld welding machine gives you up to 140-amp output so that you can easily weld mild steel up to 1/4 inches in plate.

With the purchase of this powerful Forney brand welder, you also get the needed accessories such as 8-inch MIG gun, 8-inch ground clamp, the handle comes with torch wrap and it also comes with a 20A-15A adapter. This Forney brand welder is protected with a 1-year of warranty for the peace of mind.

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  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS- Dimensions: 16.75″ (425.45 millimeters) x 8.125″ (206.38 millimeters) x 12″ (304.8 millimeters), Weight: 19 lbs. (8.62 kilograms), Gasless/flux-core welding only, Portable, Torch wrap, Infinite voltage and wire feed speed control, 120-volt input, 140 AMP output, Welds up to 1/4 in. (6.35 millimeters), Handles .030 in. or 0.35 in. wire, Includes: 8′ MIG gun, 8′ ground clamp and 20A – 15A adapter, Duty Cycle 30% @ 90A
  • EASY TO USE-140 FC-I MIG machine uses 0.30, flux core wire. It has infinite voltage and wire feed speed control so you can dial in the perfect weld! Perfect entry level welder
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  • RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES- Contact Tips (60170, 60171 and 60172),Welding Nozzles: (85336 and 85337), Diffuser: (85339), Flux Core MIG Wire: (42300 and 42301), Anti-Spatter Spray: (37030), Nozzle Gel: (37031)
  • WELDER INCLUDES- 8′ MIG gun, 8′ ground clamp, Integrated handle with torch wrap and a 20A-15A adapter. Backed by a 12-month warranty
  • POWERFUL- Up to 140 Amp output that allows you to weld mild steel up to 1/4 in plate
  • PORTABLE WELDER- Lightweight 19 lbs. easily carried to any Do-It-Yourself, Maintenance, Repair, Metal Fabrication and Hobbyist project
  • RUGGED- All metal case, Built to take the day to day. Big enough to handle 2 and 10 pound rolls of wire

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