Hobart 500502 Stickmate 205 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source

Hobart 500502Hobart 500502 Stickmate 205 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source is the top performer in its class. It comes with accu-set infinite amperage control, weld time increases up to 100-percent with decreased output. You can easily weld steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

Hobart 500502 Stickmate has 10-ft clamp cable, single range selection, 30-205 amps, 15-ft electrode cable length, 5-ft power cord, stick welding processes. Read more…


  • Forced-draft cooling fan runs continuously and helps to extend the life of the power source
  • Accu-Set amperage indicator for accurately controlling amperage or heat output
  • Infinite current control allows the operator to adjust output by as little as 1-amp increments


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