Electric Oil Pump

Electric Oil Pump

An electronic oil pump has a motor that is driven by an electric motor. Its primary purpose is to maintain the oil pressure and also acts to lubricate the automatic transmission or a continuously variable transmission process of an engine. An oil pump will ensure a continuous flow of oil to take care of the engine! Oil has many functions, such as being a lubricant as well as maintain the smooth running of the engine parts!

Electric Oil Pump

An electric oil pump can be argued as an internal combustion engine that has a responsibility to circulate the oil inside the engine under pressure to the bearings that are rotating in the engine. It also transfers fuel to other parts such as the piston and the crankshaft engine. The process will lead to sufficient lubrication as well as acting as a coolant!

An oil pump was often mounted at the bottom of an engine in the past. This was to allow it to be driven off by a shaft that is connected to the crankshaft distributor. In modern days you will find the motor in the front cover and is often turned by the crankshaft. This is not the case with the electric oil pump!

For an electric oil pump, the driver will turn the ignition key to allow the powertrain control module to energize a relay that supplies a particular voltage to a fuel pump. The ignition will then makes the motor inside to spin and also runs for few seconds to build the pressure inside the fuel system.

You always need to take care of your engine. Always stay alert and check signs that may show that your electric oil pump has an up reasonable working condition. The symptoms may include the decreased oil pressure, the higher engine operational temperature, noisy hydraulic lifters, and also some noise in the valve train! All these are signs that may prompt you to replace or repair your engine before it gets entirely damaged.


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