Master Lock Key

Master Lock Key

The master lock key will not provide a key directly to the consumers. It should be noted that without a critical number, it will not be possible to open a master lock. The master lock key may open though it’s not a guarantee. Many ways have been invented to unlock a combination of locks without a code. First, you will start by pulling up on the dial, after which you turn it at a clockwise until the lock clicks! When it clicks, you will then need to check the number at which you are at. You will then add five to that number as you write it down.

Master Lock Key

You will then need to set the dial for that number and turn it in a counterclockwise until the next click is heard! In a padlock only master key system, you can use any of the master lock pro series and also other kinds of the laminated padlocks. You may never find the cross over to locks that use either a door key or even an interchangeable core cylinder.

The master lock key provides and will maintain an essential record-keeping from the padlock master key systems. Since the master lock keys do not give the keys directly to consumers. You may only decide to take one of your keys to any local hardware store, a home center, or even a locksmith so that they can duplicate keys for you.

The master lock key has a critical number that is stamped on the original keys that are provided with your lock. A locksmith will help you obtain the additional keys which can impress the keys. You even order a key from local hardware or a locksmith!


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