Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller

A solar charge controller is a device that manages the power that goes into the battery from the solar array. The solar charge controller is a device that will enhance the safety of cells by taking care of issues of overcharging during the day. It also controls the solar from running back to the solar panels during the night hours, causing the batteries to drain.

Solar Charge Controller

Other kinds of charge controllers have additional capabilities such as lighting and also for load control. The primary purpose of the solar charge controller is managing power. The solar charge controller is available in two different types. The most famous ones are PWM and MPPT. Their performance in the system does vary. Some of the solar charge controllers are more expensive than others. They also have different performance score and therefore explains the variability in costs.

The solar charge controller works using the microcontroller. It’s a current or a voltage controller that will charge a battery and protects the cells of an array from cases of overcharging. The solar charge controller will direct the current to flow into the cells of an assault, causing it to get charged. There are specific features that will guide you to choose a suitable charge controller.

You will need to be very keen on voltage selection. Always ensure that the charge controller chosen is compatible with the system voltage. Every system voltage has a specific voltage requirement meaning that a choice of charge controller selected must march with the system voltage. The current capacity is also another essential factor that must be considered. The charge controller chosen must be able to handle the maximum output current of the solar panel!

The solar charge controller is inexpensive! It’s essential for those who care about their solar panels. It’s, therefore, necessary to pick the best that will serve you better!


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