Arc Welding Rods

Arc Welding Rods

Arc welding rods are essential in the process of arc welding. It is a welding process that joins metals using electricity. The electricity will generate sufficient heat that can melt the metal that binds together when it cold to form joints! Arc welding rods are the elements that are melted to form the welds that will join the two metals when they are cold.

Using the arc welding rods do grant myriads of benefits. Arc welding rods are a little bit cheaper than other forms of welding. The arc welding rods are well priced, and therefore, affordable to all those who wish to use them. The arc welding rods do not use a gas hence making it less bulky compared to other specifications that will require gas.

The arc welding rods are heated until they reach the welding points after which it is used for welding. When using the arc welding electrode which is bare an extra flux is supplied. Both the direct and the alternating current can be used for this arc welding. The alternating current that will be used to melt the arc welding rods can be obtained from a step-down transformer! Arc welding rods are cheap and efficient for welding and therefore every welder must get the perfect types that will serve a proper purpose.

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