The HZXVOGEN welder has 60% duty cycle so the welder is capable to protect you from any critical damage.

The HZXVOGEN welder has 60% duty cycle so the welder is capable to protect you from any critical damage.

The HZXVOGEN welder has 60%
HZXVOGEN 110/220V Welder is an impressive welding machine that comes with dual voltage (110V / 220V) and 140 amperage. This welding machine is very easy to strike an arc, little spatter, stable current and good performance.

Further, this HZXVoGen lightweight welder carries a portable design because it weighs just 1.95 kilograms. It also comes with an easy carrying handle so it is good for easy transportation and storage. It provides the utmost convenience to carry and store.
The HZXVOGEN welder has 60% duty cycle so the welder is capable to protect you from any critical damage.

This 60% duty cycle welder by HZXVOGEN comes with high quality accessories such as an electrode holder, an earth clamp and a 30A adapter cord. This product is also protected with one year of warranty with an after-sale service. In case, you get any problems with this welder, you can contact the manufacturer and claim the warranty.

Since this is a HZXVOGEN brand welder, you get a quality and durable welder that lasts for a long time. Apart from high level of quality, performance and accuracy, you also get an easy-to-contact customer service. The welder is very good to handle all types of welding projects including repair, home, farm and shop related welding activities. You will not get disappointed with the adjustment and accuracy. In addition, it runs on both 110 and 220V power, which is good to get a welding amperage of 20 to 140 Amps at 60% duty cycle.

This portable inverter welder is a small-size unit, which is mostly used for high working places, indoor decoration, farm projects, DIY and many other welding purposes. The dual-voltage welder is also good for a stable welding current and good performance.

The included accessories are:

  • Electrode holder
  • Earth clamp
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Adapter cord


  • The machine is good for both 110V and 220V power
  • You get one-year warranty with 24-hour customer service, which is good to fix any problems if you encounter.
  • If you require a small/portable welder, which is also good for high welding workload, you must go with this HZXVOZEN welder.
  • This is a high quality welder at a low price.
  • Steady arc performance at 220V power
  • It comes included with all the accessories and welding cables.
  • This is a small-size inverter welder, which delivers impressive welding performance.


  • It comes with the cables, which are very short.
  • According to some users, it has no hot start, no arc force.


HZXVOGEN HT2000 welder is a portable unit with 110V/220V input power capability. The machine is very easy to handle, and it delivers smooth performance without any doubts. However, some users complain at Amazon that it has very short cables, no hot-start and no arc force. Other than these problems, the HZXVOGEN welder is a good buy at a low price compared to feature-rich machines on the market.

HT2000 welder is a perfect unit for stick welding requirements. This is made in a compact design for the ease of transportation and storage. It also has a carrying handle for the carrying convenience. The dual-voltage welder is a durable machine that has a 60% duty cycle. In addition, the welder has the capability to protect the user and the unit from any serious damages.

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