Campbell Hausfeld Welders – 110V MIG/Arc/Stick Portable Welder

Campbell Hausfeld Welders – 110V MIG/Arc/Stick Portable Welder

Campbell Hausfeld is one of the oldest manufacturer of numerous industrial products. The company makes welding machines, air compressor, spray guns and various other industrial tools. One cannot underestimate these Campbell Hausfeld welders because these are made very well to deliver the performance.

Because, these Campbell Hausfeld welders come at low-prices, I decided to write a review on these Campbell Hausfeld welders. If you are with a low budget, please explore the below mentioned welding devices. It is good, if you managed to find a high-grade in low prices.

Campbell Hausfeld Welders at a Glance

Image Product Features Rating
Campbell MIG Welder
Campbell Hausfeld MIG/Flux Core Welder
  • Four heat settings
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Tackles 3/16-inch material thickness
  • Accessories included
115V Stick Welder
Campbell Hausfeld 115V Stick Welder
  • Simple interface
  • Accessories kit included
  • It can be connected with household 120V outlet
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals
115V Arc Stick Welder
Campbell 115V Arc Stick Welder
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great safety technology
  • Dual heat settings for small repairs and hobby projects
  • 20% duty cycle @ 50amp
Campbell Hausfeld 140A MIG/Flux-core Welder
Campbell Hausfeld 140A MIG/Flux-core Welder
  • Convenient handle for the portability
  • Strong drive roller
  • 5 heat settings
  • Welds up to 1/4-inch metal thickness

Campbell Hausfeld MIG/Flux Core Welder (DW313000)

Campbell MIG Welding Machine

A MIG welder is the easiest welder, which is good for both beginners and professionals. In case, you are curious to an easy-to-use welder, please know more about Campbell DW313000 welder, which is not only an easy-to-use MIG welder, but also a portable and low-price welder. For buying, it is not much problematic because the flux core welder is available on Amazon.

The Campbell Hausfeld welder is perfect for numerous applications including household and shop uses. Please make sure this is not a dual-voltage welder; it is operated on single 120V input power. Such MIG/Flux-core welders are good for small to medium level welding products. Because, it runs on only 120V power supply; it may not be a good welder to tackle heavy-duty welding projects.

Excitingly, Campbell Hausfeld DW313000 comes with multiple amperage settings; a specific amperage setting can be used to handle the metal thickness up to 3/16 inch. Furthermore, for the safety, the Campbell welders come with thermal protection. The automatic protection capability works at the time when the machine starts overheating.

To ensure a nice bead, an advanced wire speed control lets you adjust the wire speed as per your requirements. For a handy use, the Hausfeld welders feature trigger-activated arc gun. Such powerful welding guns are very useful for an easy start. To work on your welding project instantly, the Campbell Hausfeld welder comes included with numerous accessories such as a wire spool, some contact tips and an MIG regulator.


  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Hold 10lb wire spool
  • Decent welder for the price
  • Portable


  • Made in China
  • For the gas welding, you need to buy the accessories separately.
  • 120V power supply only

In case, you are not interested to invest hugely, you can go with Campbell Hausfeld DW313000. The pros and cons tell that this is an average-quality welder. Honestly, it is not recommended to buy for serious welding works. Because, this can be purchased in a price range of approx. $250, so it can be a good welder for learners, trial & error and light welding projects. I read reviews on Amazon also; the reviews didn’t impress me a lot.

Campbell Hausfeld 115V Stick Welder with Kit

stick welding device with 115v input power

Suppose, I tell you that I found a welder, which is easy-to-use, portable, qualitative and affordable; you will not take it seriously. Truly, Campbell Hausfeld stick welder has all the qualities mentioned earlier.

The Campbell 115V welder is a good welder for a handy use. It is one of the best portable welders available on the market even at a cheap price. Because, the Hausfeld welder uses the leading transformer mechanism, so it has several qualities in just one unit.

Remarkably, the Campbell stick welder is the best unit for both beginners and professionals. The welding machine has easy-understanding settings, which are good for an easy operation and deployment on various welding projects. At the same time, this is a versatile unit because you can use this Hausfeld welder to weld various metals from 18-gauge to 1/8-inch. It features two temperature settings, which can be used to achieve a preferred welding outcome.

As stated before, this is an 115V portable welder. Which means, you will not face any problems for the connectivity. You can easily connect this unit with your 120V household current. In case, you need to weld with 1/16-inch electrodes, you have to use a 15-amp breaker and 20-amp for welding with 5/64-inch electrodes.

The accessories kit includes:

  • A pair of gloves
  • Welding facemask
  • A pack of electrodes
  • Hammer/brush
  • One-year warranty

The included accessories are listed above. They are not too many but we have to consider the low-price it comes at. In case, if you don’t find some required accessories in the list, you can buy them separately by spending few bucks more. I see it also comes with a pack of electrode, which is good to start welding instantly.


  • Perfect for small projects
  • Super low price
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Not stable arc
  • It can’t handle large welding projects.

In short, the Campbell Hausfeld 115V welder is only good for the small-scale welding projects. If you want to deploy this stick welder on a heavy-duty project, this welder is not made for such heavy requirements. You can check the list of pros and cons, which are not convincing. Because, this is a low-price welding device, so it is very useful for those who want to work on small welding projects. Read more…

Campbell Hausfeld Arc Stick Welder, 115 Volt, 70 Amp

70 amp welding current - 110 volt input power

For a welding simplicity, this Campbell Arc/Stick welder has been introduced. Many good things are available in this 115V welder, which may not be available in other affordable welders. First, the stick welder is suitable for both novice and experienced welders. Secondly, it comes with two heat settings for the varied uses. Thirdly, the Hausfeld welder is made with the good safety features. Lastly, it can handle numerous metals from 18-gauge to 1/8-inch thickness.

The Reliable Campbell Hausfeld Arc Welder

For the dependability, the Campbell welder is made with sturdy metals and good safety mechanisms. The welder has an automatic thermal protection feature to prevent overloading. Remarkably, the 115V welder is designed for both household and workshop applications.

Apart from various reliable capabilities, the Hausfeld Arc/Stick welder is super portable and lightweight. Which means, you can easily use it and move it from one welding process to the next welding process. Additionally, it comes included with ground cable and other prime accessories for a quick start.

Transformer Design

Apart from reliability and portability, the Campbell welder is made with the latest transformer design. For an easy-start and smooth welding, such transfer technology is very responsive. Further, you can comfortably connect it with your household outlet with 15-amp circuit to weld 1/16-inch electrodes. To weld 5/64-inch electrodes, you need to use a 20-amp circuit breaker. For an increased welding performance, the Housfeld welder delivers an impressive 70-amp output, which is good for varied welding uses.


  • Small price
  • Overload protection
  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Great for learners and small welding projects
  • Durable from outside


  • Low welding performance
  • Not for industrial use

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of this welding equipment, I can say this machine is only good for lightweight welding. One may not like the welding performance from this welder because it can’t handle too thick metals and it runs on only 115v power. If price is your main concern, you can definitely buy this machine for a low price to tackle small welding projects. Read more…

Campbell Hausfeld MIG/Flux-core Welder – 140Amp 110V Welding Machine

Campbell Hausfeld welders - heavy-duty welding capability

Various Campbell welders I have seen are for lightweight jobs but this MIG/Flux-cored welder is mainly made to handle heavy-duty tasks. In case, you are expecting a heavy-duty performance from a flux-core welder, please read more about Campbell Hausfeld MIG/Flux-core welder.

From outside, the machine is made durable because it comes with a sturdy steel case. A convenient handle is also fixed with this unit, which facilitates easy handling, easy movement and the utmost welding convenience. Such powerful welding tool can be a great assistant to repair jobs, metal fabrication shop, maintenance related stuffs and auto body repairs.

More importantly, the Hausfeld machine features a strong drive roller that provides consistency for the wire speed. Additionally, you get smooth arc because it features a high-grade capacitor. The high level of welding accuracy can be achieved because the unit comes with five heat settings. You will enjoy the utmost flexibility to handle metal thickness up to 1/4 inch. The full amperage output is 140-amp, which is a good capability to work with varied welding projects. The Campbell 120V welder also comes included with a 10 feet ground cable and accessories for the welding flexibility and hassle-free operation.


  • Good welding penetration
  • Heavy-duty use
  • Good flux-core performance
  • Accessories included
  • Long cables


  • Less duty cycle
  • 110V power supply only

To sum-up, Campbell Hausfeld 140A welder is made for the heavy-duty uses. The welding machine has received countless appreciations on Amazon, so it is recommendable here. You can count many good reasons to buy this flux-core welder. You pay a low price to acquire the Campbell welders, which seems impossible to buy a same-class welder in such price. Additionally, it has many uses. You can definitely use it in low, medium and high welding atmospheres. Read more…


In short, four Campbell Hausfeld welding machines have been reviewed, which are cited above. Each Campbell welder has its own pros and cons, features and price. The lowest prices are common in all welders. At the end of each welder, their capabilities, features and other major factors are summarized with buying suggestions.

Honestly, some Campbell Hausfeld welders are strongly recommended to buy, while some Campbell Hausfeld welders are not recommended to buy for industrial welding projects. Moreover, none of the Campbell welders is with dual-voltage capability, all are with 110V input power. Which means they can’t be used in a welding environment where you require too much welding power. In those situations, just 110V input power supply is not enough.

One more thing, I would like to mention here is the origin of these Campbell welders. These welders are made in China. However, they are built with quality. One can buy these Chinese welders because they come at low prices. In fact, I assume some Chinese products are with exceptional quality while some are with low quality. It all depends on research, what others say about the product.

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