Campbell Hausfeld Welder – Arc Stick Flux Core Welding Machines

Campbell Hausfeld Welder – Arc Stick Flux Core Welding Machines

Campbell Hausfeld welder is one of the excellent choice welders that excels in its performance! We love the durable metal material that makes this fantastic welder. All the features are smart, and you will be productive if you consider this mart choice welder!

The ergonomic fit handle is an excellent feature that will always keep you comfortable even as you work on your tasks. It can weld heavy duty metals up to 18 gauge! The dual heat setting is another feature that will run great for the small repairs and hobby welding!

The power consumption of the Campbell Hausfeld welder is also moderate and will operate with a 115 volts power source. The duty cycle is 50 A. The weld and ground cable length is 6 feet. You will like safety features such as the thermal overload protection that prevents overheating. It also has a transformer that provides an easy starting, smooth arc hence perfect welds!

This amazing welder falls in the category of the arc stick welder that is powered by the 115 volts current. It welds mild or even stainless steel from 18 gauge!

You will want to be productive at your workshop! It will be even fantastic when you have the available machines that will deliver perfect welds most affordably! Don’t you think it will be helpful to choose the ideal welder from Campbell that excels in everything, and it’s also affordable? You need to get it!

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