TACKLIFE Electric Welder, MIG/MMA 20A-140A Digital Display, Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology

TACKLIFE Electric Welder, MIG/MMA 20A-140A Digital Display, Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology

TackLife is not as popular as Hobart, Lincoln and other popular welder manufacturers but it makes some performance oriented welders. If you are looking to buy an affordable MIG welder, please check this TackLife MIG/MMA welder, which comes with good specifications, required components and features.

This MIG welder comes with a digital display for the greatest welding ease. It offers the amperage ranging from min. 20A to max. 120A. It comes with good electric current output capacity.

TACKLIFE Electric Welder, MIG-MMA Welder

The Tacklife electric welder with IGBT inverter technology also comes with great protection capability. The machine has good capability to protect from overload, overcurrent and over-voltage. Also, the digital display screen is very helpful to provide accurate information about the voltage regulation.

The Tacklife welder is a powerful 120-volt DC unit, which comes with 35% duty cycle. And you get a good convenience to change the welding process from MIG to MMA by just pressing a button. It handles 0.03-inch and 0.04-inch solid core wire for the MIG function.

Good Adjustment Capability

Tacklife welder comes with good adjustment capability when it comes to adjusting wire feed speed, welding current and voltage. You will be able to easily adjust welding current and wire feed speed with different thickness.


When it comes to overall efficiency, this Tacklife DC welder does the good job. Because it has inverter gas-shielded welding power source, which makes use of high power component to transfer 60Hz frequency up to 30 to 50Khz. And the efficiency increases by 30%. And the welder has its own system to protect the machine from over-voltage, over-heat and over-current.

Compact Design

This Tacklife welding machine has a compact design and a carrying handle. Such compact profile is good for easy installation and storage. You can easily carry this machine anywhere you want. This is the perfect welding machine for outdoor repairs, road equipment, and maintenance and repair works.

  • IGBT Inverter Welder
  • MIG & MMA function
  • Digital display screen
  • Smooth speed control (wire feed)
  • 120V input
  • 140 AMP output current
  • Automatic over-heating protection
  • Anti-sticking prevention design
  • Synergic controlled
Included Components
  • MIG welding gun
  • MMA welding plier
  • Welding hand-shield
  • Chipping hammer
  • Welding mask
  • Solid core wire
  • Ground clamp
  • User manual
  • 2 years customer support (response within 48 hours by email)

All the above mentioned specifications and features are available with this Tacklife MIG/MMA DC welder. This unit delivers good welding performance and comes with good adjustment capability. You get all the required components with the purchase of this welding machine. Which means you don’t have to buy these components separately.


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